What Our Customers Say About Us

“Adrienne Tange and Melody Brumis worked with me on PG&E’s SmartMeter project. They were an integral part of the fast-paced Organizational Change Management team. They assisted me in writing a techical manual for testing electric meters. I was impressed with how they completed the manual within two weeks. The manual included graphics that they created to enhance the material. This manual was used to train electric meter technicians for testing meters throughout Northern California. Adrienne and Melody were a pleasure to work with and I would do it again.”
Jim Adams, PG&E
“I worked with Melody on SmartMeter™ training for the Local Offices. There are 72 Local Offices throughout Northern California. This is where you can pay your PG&E bill and talk with a Customer Service Representative (CSR). Together, Melody and I created training for all the Local Office CSRs. Melody was a pleasure to work with and we completed the training on budget and on time. I would be happy to work with Melody on another training project at anytime.”
Diane Rider, PG&E
“Adrienne is simply wonderful. She has all the skills needed to execute projects on-time and within budget. She’s bright, organized, articulate, and has a wonderful writing style. As an added bonus her highly developed interpersonal skills make a her a pleasure to work with. I’d love the opportunity to work her again.
Terry Jennings, Vignette
“Thank you both again for your support and hard work that you provided on this project. I hope to plan early for next year so that it will not be such an arduous task. I couldn’t have done it without you.”
Emma E. Maxey, Supplier Diversity Manager, Golden State Water Company
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Write on Time Solutions on two projects. The first involved diagramming a process fairly unique to our industry. The second was a comprehensive training manual that covered 4 departments. In spite of the fact that they are not from the auction industry, Write on Time Solutions was able to work with each group (2 remotely) to produce a comprehensive, professional training guide that was completed on time and on budget. I’ll call them for my next project.“
Scherri Hendricks, Lien/Title Manager , Iron Planet

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